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Stay up to date on all our Sincly Testivals, Swiss Surf Events 2023, events with our partners and our own Sincly Events
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Test What you Get

Test Sessions / Testdays

All year round

You want to test our Sincly Surfboards?

Here you can find all dates of our test sessions and testdays in Switzerland and Germany! sign up now!


Fly Edelweiss Surf Tour 2023


Surf Tour

Spring to Winter 2023

Sincly will be at all events of the tour again this year

Celebrate the surfers and enjoy the atmosphere with the villageand all that goes with it


Sustainable Eco Fashion Rapid Surfing Schweiz Alaïa Bay Surfing


Same values, same passion, same goals
Swiss Wave Rippers Surf-Verein Zentralschweiz

Swiss wave rippers

The biggest association for rapid surfing in Switzerland

Together we want to shape the Swiss surf scene

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Oana die Indoor-Welle der Schweiz fürs Rapid Surfing


The only indoor surf wave in Switzerland

You can admire, test and buy our surfboards and accessories here

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Tip To Tail Bern Fachgeschäft für Outdoor-Sport

Tip to tail

The specialist store for outdoor sports in Bern

Sincly boards are also available here for testing and buying

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Cheeky Campers Van mieten in der Schweiz

Cheeky Campers

Surf and Travel

From booking to boarding your unique van with your smartphone

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SIGG ökologische Trinkflaschen


Swiss Design - Swiss Made

The Sincly Traveller MyPlanet bottle you can find in our shop

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Socially Active

Surf Community

At Sincly, we listen to each other. Say something
Lara, 32
I like that Sincly is committed to manufacturing with social sustainability and at the same time I can shop for cool designed and high quality products.
Dani, 38
The surfboard "Die Pomegranate" cuts the Rapid Surf wave like a knife. The board allows tight turns and 360° maneuvers without delay. Fast speed and beautiful design.
Alex, 27
I am already looking forward to becoming part of the Sincly community. I think it's necessary these days that we all strive to be more respectful of our resources.
Surfen Langenfeld